Delaware’s First Millennial Summit Attracts Google, Microsoft, Global Leaders

Ambassador Vlora Çitaku of the Republic of Kosovo is the keynote speaker at the Delaware’s first Millennial Summit

Young leaders from around the globe and right here in Delaware will connect to take their entrepreneurial spirit to the next level when they convene at the state’s first Millennial Summit next month. Organizers say the gathering’s intent is to provide tools and share learnings that can help young leaders make a sustainable community impact beyond own business interests.

More than 250 are expected to attend the event, which takes place at the Chase Center on the Riverfront on August 1st. Ambassador Vlora Çitaku of the Republic of Kosovo (the youngest female ambassador in the world at age 37) will deliver the keynote address. Panel discussions will include Recycle Bank CEO Javier Flaim and National Press Secretary of the Human Rights Campaign Sarah McBride, as well as representatives from Google, Microsoft, the University of Delaware, Christiana Care Health System, and the Buccini/Pollin Group.

Robert Herrera is co-founder of The Mill, a coworking space in Wilmington

Additionally, students from 10 area high schools who are part of the ASPIRA youth development program will also compete in the finals of a strategic business simulation contest at the Millennial Summit.

The brains behind the summit belong to Robert Herrera, managing partner and co-founder of the Mill, and Charlie Vincent, president of Innovincent LLC, a Delaware consulting firm that is also helping to organize and manage the program.

We caught up with Vincent to learn more about his concept for community improvement and the outcomes Delawareans might be seeing.

Town Square Delaware: Can you give us an overview of Delaware’s first Millennial Summit?


Charlie Vincent: This is the first of its kind young professionals conference in Delaware organized by young professionals for young professionals. By taking the best of larger national conferences like the Forbes Under 30 Summit and the Collision Conference, and with the help of nearly every organization in the state with a young professional arm, we have built something that will start to connect those in Delaware who are looking to get involved with those groups who can help and show them how to and hopefully become a change agent.

TSD: Why does Delaware need a Millennial Summit?
CV: One of the most common issues many organizations here in Delaware and elsewhere are struggling with is trying to recruit and retain good talent, including how to bridge the generational divide in the workplace.

Millennials at work ~ Entrepreneur Magazine

Too many people are picking up and moving elsewhere without giving enough consideration to what Delaware offers besides tax free shopping. While there is no one size fit all solution to this problem, there are many ideas and things that are being done by nimble, smaller startups as well as large international conglomerates. The #MILLSUMMIT is our way of bringing everyone to the table and begin to have a conversation about ways different groups are tackling these and other issues locally. I am optimistic we will succeed in a fun and creative way.

TSD: What do you and others in attendance hope to achieve from the #MILLSUMMIT?
CV: Our goal for the #MILLSUMMT has always been to create an experience for millennials and young professionals that helps them learn about ways they can make a meaningful impact in their career and in Delaware and the greater Delaware Valley region and meet others who are also interested in the same. Particularly there is a groundswell of young professionals (in the 21-40 range and younger or older) who are interested in getting involved and creating change as opposed to talking about it. If we can bring some of those people together, learn about some of the organizations locally focused on action and leadership, and then get them to get involved with those groups, even if it’s by attending their next meeting, then we will have succeeded in helping facilitate this change.
TSD: As some of Delaware’s larger business institutions downsize, do you see the Millennial Summit bridging a gap between the old and new generations of business and entrepreneurship? 
CV: The economy for our generation (as Xennials or Millennials, or whatever the next generation will be called) is far different than it was for our parents or grandparents when companies like MBNA and DuPont singularly drove the state economic engine and Mad Men types of offices ruled downtown corridors throughout the country. As this generation starts to reinforce the bedrock of the Delaware economy, and things like pay for success initiatives, the gig economy, and even something like blockchain become more commonplace and accepted, our influence will become more persuasive. The Millennial Summit is our way of being able to bring a mix of seasoned and younger professionals together to meet and hopefully learn from each other, on August 1 and beyond.
TSD: Please tell us a bit about yourself.
CV: My family has deep roots in Delaware (on my dad’s side, since before the American Revolution), and I grew up downstate – in Harrington. Other than a few years away for college and work, Delaware has been where my family and I call home — we now live upstate in Wilmington.

Delaware Charity Challenge founder Charlie Vincent is also the co-founder of Wilmington’s first Millennial Summit

I practiced law as a corporate litigator for several years but always had an interest in supporting nonprofits, and this led me to forming Innovincent as a consulting practice that works almost exclusively with nonprofits on fundraising and strategic planning.

It’s been fun, and has also given me the flexibility to work on projects like the Millennial Summit, the Delaware Charity Challenge fundraising and athletic competitions, among other things. One of my hopes with the Millennial Summit in particular is that many young professionals (and I include myself in that boat) as well as seasoned professionals and others with interest in nonprofit and community service will go, learn about some of the great opportunities they have with Delaware nonprofits and other volunteer organizations, and ultimately get involved by joining one or more of them as an active supporter.
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