First Meeting of Lancaster Pike Truck Traffic Committee Meets Wednesday

After a community uproar over redirected truck traffic may have cost a powerful state senator their seat, a special committee established by a Senate Resolution will meet to discuss solutions for the issue for the first time on Wednesday.

The task force, chaired by WILMAPCO (Wilmington Area Planning Council) executive director Tigist Zegeye, is charged with studying and making recommendations about the heavy truck traffic and freight movements that have vexed residents in neighborhoods along Routes 41, 48 and 7.

The meeting will take place at the Hockessin Fire Hall from 6 – 8 pm. The agenda includes remarks from Senators Greg Lavelle and Anthony Delcollo and a review of available traffic and trucking data on the state routes in question.

When: Wednesday, July 12 from 6-8pm
Where: Hockessin Fire Hall, 1225 Old Lancaster Pike, Hockessin, 19707

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  • I noticed that one of these Agencies had a “Traffic Counter” along Route 48 for about a month. I am not positive about the exact dates used to gather Truck and Car information, but I did note that the timing was strange. The counters may have been used for just Tractor Trailers so my question is irrelevant. However if they were used to gather all traffic numbers, their results will not be accurate since 90%of School traffic was non-existent during the test period.

    Jim Welding 302-757-9888

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