Wearwell: Sustainable Style and Fashion that Gives Back

Erin O’Brian Houston, from Wilmington, has launched a new clothing company with brands from around the globe and a mission to generate a social impact

Wearwell is breaking into the fashion scene with Wilmington native Erin O’Brian Houston at the helm who believes that fashion can change the world. What makes Wearwell unique? The garments and accessories come from a variety of fair trade and women’s cooperative vendors around the globe – think shopping with a conscience – and her fashion gives back to worthwhile causes. 

Wearwell is a personalized shopping service where clothing and accessories are selected for clients based on their personal style profile and budget.  

One-time, monthly and seasonal orders are shipped directly to the buyer’s home, and each piece includes information on the positive social impact generated by its purchase.  

Clients keep what they want, send back what they don’t and only pay for what they keep.

Each Wearwell garment or accessory comes with a social impact statement

Houston and co-founder Emily Kenney are passionate about social and environmental impact and want to make it easy for clients to shop for clothes they love from brands that share their values. The pair seeks out and supports garment workers who work in safe conditions and are paid a fair wage. And their business practices support sustainability.

Houston explains, “Wearwell is a one-of-a-kind personal shopping service making it easy to buy clothes you love while supporting the causes you care about.”

To get started, shoppers complete an online profile with their style preferences. Specifics include what type of clothing is desired – dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, accessories, etc. – prints or solids, sizes, budget and a cause they are passionate about, such as animals, environment, girls education, etc.

The conscious fashion line specifically works with vendors across the world to deliver unique brands that people can feel good about wearing. All clothing is made by workers worldwide who are making a living wage, using environmentally friendly practices and materials.

Clothes offered for sale at wearwell.com

Houston, an ’05 graduate of Ursuline Academy, described the customer experience as, “We want you to be able to open up your box, learn about the vendors, and read their story so you feel good about your purchase. It gives people an opportunity to shop differently that’s in line with their values.”

The concept for Wearwell came about when Erin challenged herself to shop consciously for a year. She quickly discovered that finding stylish clothing that she could not only look good but feel good wearing was challenging to say the least. That’s when she partnered with Wearwell co-founder, Emily Kenney.

March 30th marked the beginning of a month-long kick starter campaign on Indegogo. In 7 hours the 350 pre-order goal was met and surpassed, raising $52,000 and 173% of goal. Pre-orders are still available. Order fulfillment starts in June 2017. Houston largely credits the quick success to the support she received from the Wilmington community.

Houston describes her vision as, “I dream that one day people won’t have to think about if their clothing was made responsibly, it just will be. I want people to think about how they are globally connected to women on the other end of production.”

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Brittany Anthony

Brittany Anthony

Brittany Anthony is the development manager at Cancer Support Community Delaware and a running coach at Ursuline Academy. She previously served for 5 years as the development / pr manager at Faithful Friends Animal Society and is in fact the proud owner of her own rescue dog, Jackson.

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