Delaware High School Celebrates Global Day of Design

Students at Delaware Design-Lab High School put their creative thinking into action last week when they transformed the halls, classrooms and common areas of their own school into an inspiring, student-friendly place to learn.  

Four-hundred and fifty schools from around the world participated in the Global Day of Design, challenging their students to use the design thinking process to turn their school environment into something very different.

Design teachers, including Joanna Wicks, were impressed with the volume of creative ideas by their students who took part for the first time in the Global Day of Design. “Design Day was amazing! It was great to see every single student engaged in the different projects and wanting to use design to make a difference in their school community.”   

Special Ed Coordinator Ashley Bystricky also added, “Our students really stepped up their design thinking skills and put them into motion to make DDLHS their own unique space.”  

In advance of the big day of production, students generated ideas, visualized solutions, made quick models, and crafted prototypes. Teams then spent all day re-designing all aspects of the school building from hallway decorations to classroom set-up.

Delaware Design-Lab High School opened in August of 2015 on the Faith City campus in Newark. So students were eager to dress up their school in ways that would make it more inviting for them.

Tenth grader Handsom Midgette said, “The day went well and the designing around the school showed a lot of creativity in the students.” 

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