Thousands Honor Loved Ones at Brain Tumor Walk

The National Brain Tumor Walk on Saturday was filled with thousands of walkers and runners who came together to rally around a cause and to honor life. Just about everyone walked in memory of a loved one who succumbed to brain cancer, and many groups lined up sponsors to support their walk in honor of a friend or loved one battling the disease.

Greenville resident Laura Schmitt was excited to bring together her Virginia Gentleman – Remembering Don Schmitt team on the 10th anniversary of the Brain Tumor Walk, eight years since her husband Don participated. Laura walked with son Michael, daughter Sarah, and two dozen friends who remember fondly their friend of many years and the hope and courage exhibited by Don throughout his year-long battle with brain cancer.

Walkers on Laura’s team (again this year, the Don Schmitt Wahoos were a top 10 fundraising team!) were encouraged to wear UVA orange/blue and come have fun at the tailgate before and after the walk. “I am so appreciative to my friends who came out and to all of our supporters for their generous gifts, and most of all the love!” said Schmitt. As of Sunday, Team Remembering Don Schmitt had raised $4,550 for the National Brain Tumor Society. Donations can still be made here.

Nicole Desantis’ 51-year-old father was recently diagnosed with glioblastomas (tumors on the brain), and her team, HeadStrong, was one of the larger groups with 50 participants. Her team ran, walked and fundraised to honor her father and his fight this terrible disease. “Emotionally this walk means a lot,” said DeSantis of Chichester. “It’s been a very tough couple of months, but it really shows how much people love and care about you. We have an amazing family and friends support system, and it means a lot to have them all here to support my dad.” Team HeadStrong has already raised $7,700. Donations to Team HeadStrong can still be made here.

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Christy Fleming

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