Families Pitch in for River Cleanup

Kids and parents pitched in to clean up the Christina River this past weekend at Wilmington’s Riverfront. Crews from the Newport Rowing Club showed up with their parents to help clean up floating debris and trash that accumulated along the banks of the River throughout the winter and windy spring.

“We talk to our kids a lot about taking care of what we have and maximizing teamwork, so we’re thrilled to see everyone pitching in to clean up our home river,” said Newport Rowing Club Head Coach John Cohn. The impact of this effort will be enjoyed by anyone afloat on the Christina River, such as visitors to the Kalmar Nyckel, the Wilmington River Taxi, and the Wilmington Youth Rowing Association.

Thirteen clean-up sites, including the Brandywine Creek State Park, City of Wilmington, Newport Boat Ramp, Churchman’s Boat Ramp, Castlebar Park and others, hosted several youth and school groups on Saturday, April 8th.  And several other groups pitched in, like day campers at the DuPont Environmental Education Center, hikers with the Wilmington Trail Club, Girl ScoutsJawala Scouts, and the Tarbiya School.

Several organizations collaborated on the Christina River Watershed Cleanup, including the Christina Conservancy, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary.

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