With Tourism Up, How Does Delaware Capitalize?

State tourism officials are touting 2015 as a record year for visitors to the First State, accounting for over $3 billion of Delaware GDP in the year.

Reporting on the newly-released figures at the Dew Point Brewing Company in Yorklyn this week, Gov. John Carney and Tourism Director Linda Parkowksi said the positive trend supported 42,000 jobs in the state and resulted in $486 million in taxes and fees for state and local government.

City of Wilmington Economic Development Director Jeff Flynn said the financial impact of tourism, important in and of itself, was directly tied to building and sustaining a talented and highly educated workforce.

“We know that great talent has more options than ever in terms of where they live and work and they choose locations with superior amenities, in many cases the same amenities that attract tourists,” said Flynn.

Flynn said effectively leveraging and coordinating tourism assets in Delaware is a key part of the overall strategy of positioning the state and city with outside audiences.

“Wilmington is located at one end of a world-class tourism spectrum stretching up the Brandywine River past Hagley, Winterthur and on to Longwood,” said Flynn, noting that this national scenic byway appeals to a broad range of people” interested in everything from natural beauty, American history and industrial heritage, antiques and botany,” said Flynn.

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