Pawpaw Festival is a Sweet Experience

If you ventured to the Pawpaw Folk Festival Festival at Blue Ball Barn last weekend in search of adorable four-footed friends, you were in for a surprise. Because Pawpaws, in fact, are only about 4 inches long, and they taste great! Pawpaw trees are the largest edible fruit trees native to Delaware. Because the end of summer is the perfect time to pick and enjoy this tropical fruit, the Alapocas Run State Park invited the community to a day-long celebration with Pawpaw educational programs, food tastings, folk music, historical lifestyle demonstrations, and craft fair. Friends of Wilmington Parks were on hand to help with the festival.

Pawpaw trees can be found at Alapocas Run State Park at the Brandywine Creek State Park, and the Delaware State Park District even sells a Pawpaw cookbook with cookie, hot sauce, cornbread and sorbet recipes. Nutritionists thinks Pawpaws could be the next superfruit. Researchers at Ohio State have found that Pawpaws have antioxidant levels that rival cranberries and cherries, and that they have more iron, calcium and magnesium as bananas and apples.

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