TSDiner – Honeygrow a Solid Option for Fast and Fresh

Red coconut curry with roasted organic spicy tofu over whole wheat noodles

It took us more than six months to make our way to the Honeygrow on Concord Pike, up by the Target and Trader Joe’s. We’d sampled the “honest eating and growing local” flavors of the fresh salad/stir-fry eatery in the chain’s Philadelphia hometown, where we’d been impressed by both concept and execution.

On our recent visit we were a hungry bunch so there would be no salads – stir fries only, please. All in the crew winged it with “create your own” dishes, using the great Wawa-stylee self-service ordering device to ring up a range of noodles, rice and all manner of proteins and veggies.

The red coconut curry with spicy tofu was a little on the hot side for a teen in the group, but shrimp and chicken dishes in the sweet soy five spice sauce were right on target in terms of taste and temperature. Prices ranged from 10 to 13 bucks or so. A good deal for hot and fresh food!

Perhaps most importantly, to wash all this down, Honeygrow soda fountains offer the best beverages on the planet, Maine Root handcrafted soft drinks (brainchild of the famous Seiler brothers originally of Wilmington/Rehoboth and now Austin, TX, featured in 2011 on TSD). Mexicane Cola, Honey Ginseng, Lemon Lime, and of course good ole Root Beer are some of the fountain options that go perfectly with the Asian stir fry flavors.

Roasted free bird chicken in sweet soy 5 spice sauce over brown rice and vegetables

Roasted chicken in sweet soy 5 spice sauce over brown rice and vegetables

We had the distinct impression the team behind the counter had worked a long and busy day and they might be short-staffed – there was a noticeable bit of clanging of pots and pans, and the orders came out a little herky-jerky. The kitchen had also run short on some basic items including several vegetables and a handful of preferred yogurt toppings. The AC vents are pretty robust, but this summer, who’s complaining?

Altogether, Honeygrow is a welcome addition to a Concord Pike corridor that could use a few more inviting options, the kind of place we would gladly hit if we were in the neighborhood, but not necessarily drive across town for.

In addition to the 202 location, Honeygrow also has a Main Street location in Newark that must be killing it.

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