Chinese Festival Celebrates Tigers, Dragons and Monkeys

Attendees of last weekend’s Chinese Festival were treated to lively musical and dance performances, calligraphy and paper cutting demonstrations, dragon dances (a crowd-favorite!), and authentic cuisine. The busy food tent offered popular street foods like Chinese smoothies, dumplings, yummy chicken and rice noodle dishes, and “Hu Yao Zhu,” which means ‘Tiger Bites Pig” because the shape of the bun looks like a tiger with its open mouth and the pork inside.

But in the Year of the Monkey, visitors enjoyed something more —  a new Festival logo (worn on the backs of the volunteer t-shirts) which literally means “knot” but also has other meanings, including union and togetherness. Presented by the Chinese American Community Center (CACC) in Hockessin, the annual three-day festival seeks to foster the understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and heritage.

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