Washingtonian Magazine Features Expose on “Insane” Rehoboth Feud


Photograph by Lexey Swall for Washingtonian Magazine

Over the last few years Rehoboth’s City Hall has become a bit of a battlefield for people with many different (and often conflicting) views about the seaside resort’s future growth.

From squabbles over noise ordinances and zoning variances to a controversial, short-lived effort to selectively ban the use of swimming pools, longtime locals, seasonal out-of-towners, developers, real estate folks and businesspeople have had to armor up in the political game to protect, or advance, their interests.

All of these high-stakes contretemps have led to what Washingtonian Magazine calls (a tad breathlessly) “a battle for the soul of Rehoboth itself.”

In “Rehoboth Gone Wild: Inside the Insane Feud in a Delaware Beach Town,” reporter Britt Peterson writes that “the town that calls itself “America’s Summer Capital” is at war with itself – and combatants on both sides are bringing some distinctly inside-the-Beltway tactics to the much-loved vacation spot.”

Peterson goes on to catalogue the “Great Rehoboth Pool Battle,” fights over ‘McMansions’ looming over tiny lots and the deployment of sophisticated political and PR tactics by “Swift Boat Realtors” and others.

Reading about all this drama one can’t help but think how great it would be if these good people could put their brains and money together and fix what is increasingly looking to be an existential threat to the beach town we all love: an ever-present, unmoving wall of traffic on Rte. 1 from Lewes south. Have at it!

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