La Poblanita: Todavía (Still), the Best Tacos in Town

Taco_2We’ve been going to the Lancaster Avenue taqueria, La Poblanita, more off of late than on, for at least a decade. These visits tend for some reason to run in cycles, and there have been times in recent years we’re ashamed to say that as many as 365 days slipped by between visits.

So far as mistakes go, this was El Gigante!

This past weekend we came down with a serious hankering for tacos auténticos so into that tricky parking lot across from the old Pathmark supermarket we went.

With the exception of an occasional steak taco, we generally stay with the grilled chicken and classic carnitas, or seasoned pork.

La Poblanita has a great little vibe to it, with a small stand up bar and smiling, attentive counter and wait staff. Critically, they don’t mess around with your order and the food comes quickly.

Taco_1The tacos are a masterful exercise in simplicity: tasty high-quality meat, fresh onions and cilantro and warm corn tacos. Sauces include a piquant red and hotter salsa verde. A healthy offering of free chips and pico de gallo are presented if you eat in house, which makes for a very favorable moment on the wallet because the tacos themselves are only $2.75 a piece.

La Poblanita is a great little shop and appears to be a thriving business concern after many years in a frankly pretty crummy location (next to what you would call a liquor store of last resort). They have mastered the simplest of all economic laws in our free market: produce a fine product at a more-than-reasonable price, serve it with a smile and you will stick around for a while, long enough for people like us to rediscover our loyalty to their cocina.

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