Delaware All-State Theatre Performs "Titanic the Musical"

The great RMS TITANIC was packed from bow-to-stern with people full of dreams, and their fate is no surprise. But the incredible stories of the survivors, and how they dealt with the tragic fate of many on that voyage, is heartbreaking, awe-inspiring, and moving. It is those stories that are at the heart of the Delaware All-State Theater’s production of TITANIC, which runs through this weekend at Laird Performing Arts Center at the Tatnall School. Student performers from several area elementary, middle and high schools auditioned for the roles in this show, and their strong performances will impress theatre-goers and revitalize your spirit of adventure. Remaining performances are Thu., June 23 through Sun., June 26. Tickets on sale here.

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  • Forget about the fact that the cast is made up of teenagers. These cast members are young people totally committed to musical theater arts. Many will be pursuing it as a career. Due to the many, many hours of rehearsal time, they have given up graduation parties, end of the school year events, and family vacations.

    Delaware All State Theater founder and director, Jeff Santoro, casts the best of the best and works to bring out the personal best in each young actor.

    This Tony Award winning show is historical and compelling, the music is haunting and beautiful, and the professional, mechanical set is awesome!