Local Women Turn Gift Giving into Charity

Two Delaware women are doing their part to make giving a gift mean so much more. Both have turned small business enterprises into opportunities for local non-profits — benefitting cancer patients, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware, even the Land Trust of Southern Chester County.

Each initiative is run by women who continuously go out of their way for social good.


Karen Kimmel Legume, mother of three, supports non-profits with her business Keep Collective

Karen Kimmel Legum, an independent designer for Keep Collective, has prepared and donated Chemo Care Pouches filled with items to make children and adults more comfortable during their treatments at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center and visits to the Ronald McDonald House.

Legum came up with the idea of donating Keep Collective wristlet pouches to cancer patients and reached out to sponsors Kimmel Carter law firm and Lindi Skin in order to fill the wristlets with items like tissues, green tea, a Kind bar, organic fruit snacks, and Purell. Legum has already donated 25 pouches to Helen F. Graham Cancer Centre and 12 pouches to the Ronald McDonald House.

11217527_1280810418600375_8468790761442097618_nThe wristlet pouches – in a neutral canvas with either navy blue or bright pink band – are particularly popular and can be customized for the recipient. These personalisations are similar to charms, and are meaningful words or symbols that resonate with both parties; examples include love, believe, blessed, or maybe an infinity sign representing forever paired with a hand of God for protection.

Legum shared, “It started out as something fun and has turned into something meaningful.” Although there is a limited supply of the wristlets, Legum expressed how she is always willing to donate the company’s one-of-a-kind items for a good cause, and has done so in the past.


Yoga instructor and skin care business owner Jennifer Denham

Greenville resident Jennifer Rogers Denham was a kindergarten teacher for three years, and now volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club (BGCDE), where she tutors children once a week. In addition, Denham is passionate about Beautycounter, a natural and non-toxic beauty company whose mission is to get safer skin care products into the hands of consumers.

As the school-year nears an end, grateful parents and families are purchasing gifts to thank teachers for their hard work and dedication, and Denham has taken advantage of this opportunity to raise money for the BGCDE.

Jennifer has decided to donate 100% of the proceeds made from customers who purchase a teacher gift (or two) from Beautycounter in May and early June to the BGCDE.


Jennifer Denham has given proceeds from Beautycounter to Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware

Denham shared, “Volunteering there is the best part of my week. I love to partner with organizations that focus on children in the inner city. I hope that this initiative will raise awareness of all the good that the Boys and Girls Club is doing in the community. It is truly changing children’s lives.”

When Denham launched her business with a kick-off party in March, she donated a percentage of profits from that event to the Land Trust of Southern Chester County.

These recent initiatives have already had an impact on the individuals they reach, and both women plan to continue with their charitable contributions to the community in the future. Whether it be sponsoring a Chemo Care Pouch or buying a teacher a gift, Legum and Denham have both provided the community with ways to bring a smile to someone’s face and support extremely worthy causes.


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