Girls Inc. Celebrates the Strong, Smart and Bold

It’s certainly a tribute to be honored with the qualities of being strong, smart and bold. The annual Girls Inc. of Delaware awards luncheon on May 20th recognized three outstanding women, who themselves are strong, smart and bold and an inspiration for the hundreds of young girls in the state-wide program.

The DuPont Country Club ballroom was filled with influential women – and men – there to support not only the 2016 honorees, but also the young girls that Girls Inc. strives to inspire through their non-profit programs. A combination of mutual respect, shared drive, and high expectations paired with strong, smart, and bold qualities was evidently embodied by the three honorees: Lieutenant Amy Rausch, for the Wilmington Police Department; Bridget Buckaloo, MSN, RN, an executive director of Women’s Health Services at Beebe Healthcare; Patrice Gilliam-Johnson, PhD, the Delaware secretary of labor.

Lieutenant Rausch has participated in the program previously herself, and was even a member for eight years. Greatly affected by, and thankful for, Girls Inc., she aspires to act as a mentor going forward for the young girls involved in the program she gained so much from herself.

Buckaloo reflected on being honored at the luncheon, and what it signifies for the other women in her life, “It came as quite a surprise. It’s humbling because I do what I do and work hard with no particular goal, other than being satisfied. I am fortunate to have been inspired by other strong, smart, and bold girls. I am the mother of two twelve-year-old girls, and I also have a team of 40 nurses at Beebe Healthcare. I hope that someday my daughters look back and think about how they have been inspired by other girls around them.”

Gilliam-Johnson was surrounded her biggest supporters, many of whom who were dressed in the Girls Inc.’s bold color red, and expressed her true appreciation over being honored.

This year’s influential and accomplished honorees will continue “cultivating greatness in every girl,” as Girls Inc. expands further throughout Delaware and reaches into different, under-resourced communities.



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  • Thanks Chloe and good luck at Boston University. Remember, every time a door opens, reach out, and pull someone else through.