Guinness Record for Largest Plastic Bag Ball

A Guinness World Record was set in Wilmington on April 23rd, when concerned students and environmentalists rolled the world’s largest plastic bag ball. Dozens of volunteers showed up at the Riverfront to count, tie and roll more than 50,000 single-use plastic bags into a giant ball. Bring Your Own Bag Delaware and Sierra Club of Delaware conceived the project to raise awareness of plastic bag pollution. They also support a 5-cent fee on single-use grocery bags in Delaware which the State legislature will take up this spring.

Dozens of schools spent weeks collecting bags in a competition to contribute the most plastic bags to the ball. Mount Pleasant Elementary School and Wilmington Friends School each collected more than 8,000 bags, and Westtown School, who showed up with the most volunteers, contributed 6,363 bags to the project. “We thought this would be a great way to get kids involved with Earth Day and raise the awareness of the impact that plastic bags have on our storm-water systems and the environment,” said BYOB DE organizer Dee Durham.

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