Five Lines on Film: Best Movies of 2015, really?

  1. Google “best movies of 2015” — as we did in last-minute desperation on a recent Saturday night, hoping to find an undiscovered gem for home pay-per-viewing – and you will find some big names from the year past: Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, Academy Award winner Spotlight and the smash animated hit Inside Out.
  1. Go deeper into top ten lists produced by, say, a site like Rotten Tomatoes, and you find a couple of fine darn movies we’ve already enjoyed, including Ex Machina and Sicario, genuinely suspenseful and fast paced films, with dynamic, unpredictable characters and rich backdrops.
  1. Unfortunately, on two recent occasions this research process left us rolling the dice based on aggregated ratings systems that walked us down two regrettable red carpets (at like $17 bucks each!): Mad Max Fury Road and Brooklyn.
  1. We have no idea why these unremarkable clunkers achieved such great reviews – Fury Road started out as a reasonably entertaining reprisal of the original Mel Gibson breakthrough but it wasn’t much more than a chase scene that never ended and really by the end of it we could have cared less.
  1. Brooklyn must be one of the most banal and unoriginal movies to score such amazing plaudits – “a rich period drama that pulls at the heartstrings” – underdelivering with a hackneyed plot and boring characters … what are we missing?

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