Bernie Sanders Energizes Voters in Wilmington

Bernie Sanders took his campaign to Wilmington on Saturday, continuing his mantra that we have a rigged economy that has widened the income gap between the richest and the poorest in our country. “We need to stand up to the powerful and the greedy,” he said. Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson, who said she has never supported or endorsed a political candidate before, also came to Wilmington and spoke on Sanders’ behalf.

Delaware has enjoyed being inundated with presidential candidates, their spouses and surrogates as the state prepares to go to the polls in Tuesday’s primary election.  TSD popped by the Wilmington Riverfront to see the Vermont senator in action, where he spoke at the Chase Center to an enthusiastic crowd of mostly younger supporters.  Small place that our state is, the rally was going on no more than a few hundred yards from the John Kasich campaign headquarters, where volunteers coming and going on a beautiful Saturday afternoon navigated the Democratic opposition without incident.

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