UD Basketball Team Pumps Up 'March Reading Madness'

Kids at Gallaher Elementary School couldn’t wait to high-five the UD basketball players who visited their school earlier this month. Marvin King-Davis, Barnett Harris and Mo Jeffers play for the UD men’s basketball team, and they visited Gallaher to give the kids a March Reading Madness pep talk. Lucky for the kids, their presentation was in the gym — with a basketball hoop. So when one of the kids tossed a ball their way, the players dutifully obliged with layups and dunks, and the kids went crazy. Asked if they ever get tired of all the practices and hard work involved with being on a college team, the players laughed and said, “No, we love playing every day. I never get tired of it,” said 6′ 9″ forward Mo Jeffers. March Reading Madness is a month-long reading competition for the students at Newark’s Gallaher Elementary from grades Kindergarten through 5th grade. Winners will be announced next week!

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