Blizzard Jonas Smashes Delaware Beaches

It’s going to take some work to re-open the Delaware beaches after this weekend’s powerful blizzard. “We experienced substantial breaches all up and down the coast,” said Cape Henlopen State Park Superintendent Paul Faircloth. Fencing has been upended, once-beautiful biking and walking trails are now flooded, and even some dunes have washed away. The Point suffered significant dune damage, and the primary dune at the bath house near the parking lot will have to be stabilized. According to Faircloth, Gordon’s Pond Trail also was washed over and will need repair.

But dune replenishment is not a common occurrence at the Cape Henlopen State Park. “We don’t put the dunes back any more. We haven’t spent the money and effort to replenish the dunes in years because, with the exception of the bath house, there are no structures behind the dunes,” said Faircloth.  “The storm pulled some of the sand out, and the sand will eventually will come back,” he said.

Photos contributed by Cape Henlopen State Park

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