Sundance Award-Winning Film on Education to be Screened in Wilmington

Mark Twain cautioned students to “Never let school get in the way of your education.” That is still good advice today as 53% of recent college graduates are under- or unemployed. Our current school model was created in 1893 to educate factory workers. With many of us in Delaware spending most of our take home pay on education, are we getting good value for our money and is there a better way to deliver work/life skills to our children?

Unknown-1Ted Dintersmith, a successful venture capitalist, believes there are many better ways. He has produced a documentary that the website Film Threat says “… is a film every parent should see.” Ted is visiting Delaware on January 12th and presenting a free screening of his Sundance Film Festival winner “Most Likely to Succeed.” Here is a link to the trailer

Dintersmith states, “I spent my career in the world of innovation. And now I’m immersed in education, having visited hundreds of schools in the past five years. Innovation is the proverbial two-edged sword. On one hand, it will create many opportunities for innovative young adults. But it will eliminate millions of standard, routine jobs – and the 21st Century will be brutal for anyone leaving school trained to follow instructions and memorize content. I feel acute urgency in getting the message to students, parents, teachers and school leaders that millions of futures are on the line. I hope the film conveys this urgency, while offering an inspiring view of what our students, and teachers can do under the right conditions.


Ted Dintersmith, education philanthropist

“I’m passionate about this in part because I grew up in a family that struggled from week to week to make ends meet. I benefited from an education system that made sense for the times, and that helped level the playing field. That education system no longer exists. We owe it to future generations to provide them with an education that elevates their potential. And for those who might wonder if I am doing this for personal gain, I am donating any proceeds I get from the film to The Future Project, a non-profit transforming high schools in our inner cities.”

Ted’s visit is part of his fifty state tour to both learn about what is happening in each State as well as spread the word about what is happening in other states. During his visit Ted will tour the new First State Military Academy in Smyrna, Kuumba Academy and Friere Charter School in downtown Wilmington and will meet with education leaders from public, private and charter schools to exchange ideas.

The event is being hosted by Caesar Rodney Institute, Innovative Schools and USEED, a crowdfunding company which supports project-based learning in higher education.

The event is free and being held at 6:00 pm on January 12th at the Delaware Natural History Museum. The film is 90 minutes and will be followed by a panel discussion with Ted Dintersmith, as well as Ron Russo and Chuck Baldwin, both former Principals of Wilmington Charter, and Frank Livoy from the University of Delaware’s Center for Teacher Education. Please join us – parents, teachers, students, legislators and people from business and industry – for this special screening.

For more details and to register for this free event, click here.

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