NCC Police Help 'Save Christmas' for Toddlers

Christmas almost didn’t arrive for some 20 toddlers at the Ministry of Caring’s ‘Hope Houses’ this year. Excited for their breakfast with Santa and the gifts they looked forward to receiving, the toddlers patiently waited for their scheduled ride from the Hope Houses to the Mill Creek Fire Hall on Kirkwood Highway. But the busses never came.  With the transportation now 30 minutes late and no luck reaching them by phone, a quick thinking Ministry of Caring Board member called New Castle County Chief of Police Elmer Setting to see if the his officers could perhaps provide a lift to the children.

Chief Setting dispatched two drivers to help out — sending one to each of the Hope House locations, and each vehicle was equipped with toddler seats. Even a State Trooper who heard about the request also showed up to help drive the children to the Santa breakfast. The officers had to make a couple of trips, but all of the children arrived on time with plenty of time to visit with Santa, enjoy a hot meal and pick up several gifts, which were all donated and wrapped by employees of Commonwealth Trust Company. In fact, each child received at least 3 gifts. One employee at the Trust company said the effort by the NCC Police was absolutely incredible and that there was absolutely no way these disadvantaged children would have enjoyed Christmas without their help.

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