Enough with the Prima Donna Running Backs

So, which one would you rather have — DeMarco Murray or LeSean McCoy?

How about neither?

Those two running backs with an Eagles connection — one past and one present — made news last week with their comments, which basically boil down to this: Murray wanted more handoffs and McCoy didn’t want a handshake.

Both have multiple Pro Bowls on their resumes, even though Murray’s play this season doesn’t indicate that. And he hasn’t endeared himself to anybody around here with the way heís run with the ball or the way he went over coach Chip Kelly’s head and complained about his playing time to owner Jeffrey Lurie.

But even though McCoy is having another good season, I wouldn’t want him on my team, either, simply because I have no use for a petulant child, which McCoy acts like way too often.

Maybe this is old news, but we can’t resist commenting on McCoy’s return to Philadelphia on Sunday. In case you somehow missed it, McCoy, the running back the Eagles traded away to Buffalo in the off-season, stirred things up when he told reporters in Buffalo and Philadelphia that he would refuse to shake the hand of Eagles coach Chip Kelly’s when the Eagles and Bills played at Lincoln Financial Field. And Kelly, who said he would gladly shake McCoy’s hand, also said he understood why his former player was still bitter about being traded.

Apparently, McCoy was bitter about a lot of things. After the Eagles’ 23-20 victory over the Bills, McCoy sprinted off the field without shaking hands with anybody, including his ex-teammates who are supposed to still be his friends. On his way to the locker room, McCoy took off his helmet and, cursing, slammed it against a wall.

What, you expected good sportsmanship?

Then, as a pack of reporters clustered around his locker and waited for about 20 minutes for McCoy to address them, he leisurely dressed, then turned around and told the media that he didn’t have anything to say and walked away. Not that we expect anybody to feel sorry for the media, and it’s certainly McCoy’s right to not talk, but it would have been nice if he had simply told us that right away instead of making a bunch of people hang around for 20 minutes wasting their time.

What, you expected common courtesy?

But it shouldn’t have been a surprise, considering McCoy’s history. He used to do the same thing with the Eagles — sometimes he’d talk to reporters (by the way, it’s written into an NFL player’s contract that he has to cooperate with the media), and other times he’d make them wait and then decline to comment. Worse, there were times when it appeared he was going to talk to waiting reporters, and then he’d excuse himself, go into the trainer’s room and disappear.

But there other things about the guy that indicate that maybe, just maybe, he’s not too bright. A couple of years ago, McCoy got into a Twitter spitting match with the mother of his child. Apparently it was just a fling and she got pregnant and then McCoy railed online against her for not taking precautions — even though, of course, that is a two-way street and he’s just as responsible as she is for bringing a human life into this world. McCoy’s language about the mother of his child in his Twitter diatribes was appalling, and then he acted surprised when people made a fuss about it. Hey, if you don’t want people to see your dirty laundry, then donít hang it out there where everybody can see it.

Then McCoy made off-the-field news again when he ran up a big tab at a Philadelphia restaurant and didn’t leave a tip. Somebody at the restaurant took a picture of the bill, minus tip, and put it on the internet and, of course, it immediately went viral. McCoy’s explanation? The service wasn’t very good. Well, we don’t know what happened, but it’s hard to believe that it could have been that bad. It’s also hard to believe that McCoy didn’t realize that word of his cheapness would leak out since he’s a celebrity in this town. Again, he seemed surprised when it became a big story.

Then McCoy did it again this summer, when he advertised online for a party he was throwing and he made it clear that he only wanted young, willing females to answer the ad. Again, the reaction from the public was bad and, again, it’s hard to understand how McCoy didn’t realize how much negative publicity he would receive.

Finally, we have the “I won’t shake bleep” news conference he had in Buffalo the week before he returned to Philadelphia, when he made it clear he still hadn’t forgiven or forgotten what he considered to be an insult — he found out about the trade to Buffalo through a third party and not from Kelly. The coach apologized profusely for that oversight and actually sounded sincere about it, but McCoy rejected the overture.

Then, on Sunday, he once again acted like a petulant little kid by refusing to shake hands with his former teammates and then refusing to talk to the media after talking so much during the week. Nobody expected McCoy to have a smile on his face, but he could have been professional about it. But, no matter how well he plays on the field, LeSean McCoy seems to be clueless off of it.

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