TSDiner Home Cooking: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Like a lot of you, TSDiner looks forward to Thanksgiving leftovers almost as much as the main event itself. In fact, whether home or away, we are in the habit of cooking our own bird along with plenty of stuffing, potatoes and gravy.

One post-Thursday meal we relish is a kind of turkey hash, with bacon and eggs.


Turkey Hash with Bacon and Eggs

  • White and dark meat turkey
  • Stuffing (our recipe included Pepperidge Farm seasoned stuff from the bag, some corn bread we had lying around, onions and celery of course, lots of butter and a diced apple)
  • Mashed and/or sweet potatoes (family sweet potato casserole includes plenty of orange zest, butter, brown sugar, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc)
  • Gravy
  • Two eggs, cooked medium (we like to cover them briefly while on the griddle; you want the yokes nice and runny)
  • Crispy bacon

Fry up all that good Thanksgiving stuff in one pan, prepared with a little olive oil and butter. Cook the other items. Add a little salt and pepper, put it on a plate and down it goes! Next: clean up this mess and go for a long jog/walk.

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