North Korean Defector Brings Story of Agony and Hope to Delaware


Ji Seong-Ho

Local construction industry executive Brian DiSabatino is bringing a focus on the evils of the North Korean regime to Delaware.

DiSabatino is sponsoring a young man, Ji Seong-Ho, who defected from North Korea and now lives in South Korea, to come to the United States to tell his story. Seong-Ho and DiSabatino will be visiting several local schools (Wilmington University, Archmere, Cab Calloway), meeting with Delaware’s congressional delegation, and discussing the dire situation in North Korea with local business leaders. After the Delaware tour, they will be headed to Philadelphia and New York for meetings with the Human Rights Foundation.

Brian DiSabatino

Brian DiSabatino

“What is happening around the globe, from the Middle East to Africa to the Far East sickens me,” DiSabatino said. “This year I saw an opportunity to get involved by highlighting the atrocities in North Korea. When I heard Dennis Rodman suggesting that life in North Korea ‘wasn’t so bad,’ I nearly fell out of my chair. And following the nudge from Pope Francis when he said, ‘What about you?’ I decided to do something.”

DiSabatino’s connection with the Human Rights Foundation’s founder, Thor Halvorssen, led to his sponsorship of Ji Seong-Ho’s U.S. visit.

“I was introduced to Thor several years ago and reached out to him after seeing a speech Ji gave on the inhuman conditions in his home country,” he said. “Thor suggested I bring Ji to Delaware, and he put the two of us together.“

Ji will be speaking at the Brandywine Valley Baptist Church on Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. The church is located at 7 Mt. Lebanon Road in Brandywine Hundred off Concord Pike.

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