Five Lines on Film: Sicario

  1. sicarioA last-minute Sunday night urge to hit a movie gave us two reasonable choices from a timing standpoint: the narco-crime thriller Sicario at Brandywine Town Center (7:55) or The Martian (7:30) at Penn Cinema Riverfront.
  2. Sicario won that coin toss (the Martian weighed in at what felt like a heavy 2 hours 20 minutes at that point in the weekend) and the movie itself was strong.
  3. With superb performances from Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro, Sicario is beautifully filmed and it moves crisply despite a few minor plot deficiencies (including a really flimsy scene at the end).
  4. We seem to be in the minority here, but we found Emily Blunt’s idealistic FBI agent unimpressive and unconvincing – she was moping around from the film’s first moments and it was never clear why she was so bummed out all the time (and, once again, must we ask why so many all-American girl roles are going to British actresses?!).
  5. Regal Brandywine Town Center’s redesigned theaters are cool – huge, reclining Barcalounger chairs with tray tables; only beef was fact the 20 minutes(!) of previews were blasted in at rock concert decibels.




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