Rare Russian Military Jets Land in New Castle

Leave it to an aviation trade blog to uncover a semi-hidden cache of rare Soviet-era warplanes right here in our backyard. A recent AviationWeek.com post by Nigel Howarth – Floggers, Fishbeds and Albatrosses in L’il Ol’ Delaware – does just that, with astounding photographs taken by an author obviously granted special access to these speedy East Bloc relics.

Howarth writes:

          Delaware proudly proclaims itself as The First State, but it’s not the first state that springs to

          mind when you think about air racing, or Russian military jets…

          Wilmington’s New Castle Airport is home to a large number of business jets, an Air National

          Guard unit (flying C-130Hs) and an Army National Guard unit (flying UH-60s).

          Tucked away in an anonymous hangar lies a small collection of MiGs, namely two

          ex-Czechoslovak Air Force MiG 23 Floggers, and a MiG 21 Fishbed.

Photo by

Photo by Nigel Howarth

He goes on to reference a “pair of Su-25 Frogfoots on the farm elsewhere in Delaware.” Some farm! Who is this mystery Cold War aviation buff? Click here for Howarth’s story.

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