Popular Hardware Store to Leave Greenville Location


Wagner Hardware store in Greenville, DE

Wagner Hardware store had plans to be business in Greenville another 10 to 15 years, serving customers in the Powder Mill Square shopping center on Route 52. But the owner received notice this month that his lease was being terminated by the Stoltz real estate company and that the store would need to close by November 30th to make way for a new tenant.

Edward “Chuck” Wagner has owned and operated Wagner hardware in Greenville for 24 years. The store attracts some 150 customers daily, and Wagner hopes to find a new store location somewhere nearby  to continue to serve his loyal customers. “It’s got to be a safe area for our customers,” he said.

“Everybody coming through here is upset. But it’s a done deal,” said Wagner. He is appreciative of the other local business owners and supporters who are trying to find a new store location for Wagners.

According to Wagner, the termination of his lease was finalized by Stoltz. And because a lease has been issued to a new tenant to take over the hardware store spot, there is nothing new property owner Pettinaro can do to change the situation. “There is a lease with the new tenant, and Pettinaro legally has to abide by that new lease,” said Wagner.


Chuck Wagner, owner of Wagners Hardware

Before the lease termination, Wagner says Stoltz had discussed moving the hardware store into the ground level of the Prudential building in Powder Mill Square. But according to Wagner, the space offered there to him was 1/3 less than the square footage he currently has. “We are a full service hardware and housewares store. With 1/3 less space, what would I give up? Plumbing? Electrical?”

In a statement to his customers, Wagner noted, “I will continue ordering the popular items each week, including the Pennyfeather bird feed, until the end. I will try to keep our employees on to assist you until we slow down.”

Watch this space for updates on where Wagner Hardware lands.

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  • I come to your store a lot and love it!! I am so sorry to hear of this situation and hope that you find a close location!

  • Move to Pennsylvania, perhaps Chadds Ford, and I will continue to patronize your business. Delaware is dying, one less reason to head down Kennet Pike. Wilmington is Camden or Chester.

  • I have valued your store the entire time you’ve been in Greenville and hope you are able to find someplace nearby. You might want to visit some of the hardware stores in Manhattan. They have an amazing way of fitting an incredible selection in very small spaces. Maybe the Prudential space coul work:-) Regardless I wish you the best.