Pop-Up Picnic ~ Brandywine in White

The location of Saturday’s chic, all-white outdoor dinner party was actually a secret until just 48 hours before the big event. That’s part of the fun and mystery of the elegant pop-up summer dinner party called “Brandywine in White.” Forty-eight hours before guests were to arrive, party registrants learned this year’s party would be held at Chadds Peak Farm, a gorgeous location which used to be home to the ski runs of Chadds Peak. Brandywine in White is a BYO for food and wine enthusiasts who bring their own creative flair to the picnic dinner they prepare and share with friends — all white is a must!

This was the third annual Brandywine in White, where organizers book the location and provide tables, tablecloths, chairs, music and entertainment. Some guests enjoyed a quiet dinner for two by candlelight, while others celebrated with family or groups of friends at more elaborately decorated tables with fountains, paper lanterns, festive glass centerpieces and more. There was even a large community table for guests who wanted to mix it up. “This is a wonderful time to be social, meet some new people, and have fun,” said event founder Vince Moro. Organizers, including Andrea Finn, Jan Geddes, Eileen Smith Dallabrida and Magdalina Bel, are all volunteer, and the party is based on a non-profit model. This year’s proceeds will benefit the Sunday Breakfast Mission.

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