The Numbers Don't Lie: Wilmington a Top Spot for Small Business

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 12.41.26 recently released a list of the country’s top 10 small cities where small business is thriving, and the fair city of Wilmington sits smartly at the No. 3 post.

Alpharetta, Ga., and Redmond, Wash., were listed as first and second, respectively.

The list, compiled with the help of personal finance site NerdWallet, was based on an analysis of business environment that reviewed the average revenue per business, the percentage of businesses with paid employees and the number of businesses. Statistics including annual income, housing costs and unemployment rate data were also considered.

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 12.41.47 PMHere’s how Wilmington fared: The average revenue per business is $6,755,492; businesses with paid employees is 42.18 percent, a number second only to No. 10 on the list, La Crosse, Wisc.; and 11.94 businesses per 100 people.

Want to know some of the state’s top small businesses? The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Delaware District Office named the following businesses and entrepreneurs the District’s 2015 Small Business Award Winners earlier this year.

Don’t see your favorite local small business? Give ’em a shout-out in the comments section below!

Small Business Person of the Year: Joseph (Brad) Winemiller, owner of Greenleaf Services Inc. in Wilmington.

Small Business Exporter of the Year (and winner of the same Regional award): Robert A Rider, President and CEO of O.A. Newton in Bridgeville.

8(a) Graduate of the Year (and winner of the same Regional award): Eli and Sher Valenzuela, owners of First State Manufacturing in Milford.

Woman-Owned Business of the Year: Alisa Morkides, owner, Brew HaHa!, with nine locations throughout New Castle County.

Veteran-Owned Business of the Year: Don Chupp, President, Fireside Partners, in Dover and New Castle.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Garrett Grier, Managing Member, Milford Car Wash and Seaford Car Wash t/a Duck In Car Wash.

Small Business Champion of the Year: Juanita Beaufort, Director, Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) in Newark.

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