Our Government Wants to Help You Write a Better Press Release

TSD couldn’t help but look twice at the email pasted below.  On first blush, we assumed it must have come from the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce or a group like the Delaware Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.  Curiously, however, this three-and-a-half-hour summit on how to “impress” (spin?!) the local news media, is actually being hosted by our state government.

Now, you may be thinking that we are just whining because the award-winning TSD wasn’t invited to participate in this confab.  Fair of you to question, but please accept our professional assurances that is not the case.  We simply don’t remember ever seeing a similar event focused on media relations strategy organized and hosted by a state government agency and wonder if that also strikes other taxpayers as odd.


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  • None of the above figures impress me, high school level journalists. Bet they are all big fans of Jack Markell,same sort of journalists who thought Ruth Ann Minner was a remarkable woman who deserved praise. Don’t Amy Cherry’s stories usually consist of at the most three paragraphs?