Music School of Delaware Thrilled to Get Hefty Donation

IMG_7012The Music School of Delaware has a lot of celebrating to do—not only did the organization recently welcome a new conductor to its Wilmington Community Orchestra, but it also just received the biggest donation it’s ever seen: A cool $750,000 from Dr. William J. Stegeman.

Stegeman is a board member for the Music School and longtime adult student there. “With this gift, I want to endorse and support the visionary and positive direction the school is taking and express our appreciation for the excellence of its faculty, student accomplishment, and leadership,” he said in a release. “I hope many, many others will give what they can, as well.”

The large gift completes funding needed for construction on a new wing and allows leaders to plan and move forward with the next phase of their capital campaign. Among those plans are upgrades to the school’s roof, heating and ventilation systems and a renovation of the concert hall.

Stegeman is the CEO and Senior Scientist of Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories, Inc., the company that he founded in 1982 with three others. He has served on the board of the Music School since 2010 and has been a student in violin and viola since 2001.

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