TSDiner: New Beachside Bar and Grill Opens on Rehoboth Avenue


10409750_567865610021042_1920781161711604537_nLegendary BBC impresario Dave Dietz has teamed up with Rehoboth chef and restaurateur Jay Caputo to launch Beachside Bar and Grill, which officially welcomes diners Thursday after a three-day soft opening that earned rave reviews.

Beachside B&G’s kitchen offerings will unsurprisingly reflect the venue and moniker by featuring a generally lighter, beachy range of items with a tinge of Asian influence including grilled mahi tacos with shredded cabbage and sambal grilled guacamole and crabcakes served with cucumber-mango relish. (What is “sambal?”— you don’t k11693845_567865503354386_7371470017327471137_nnow?! What kind of foodie are you? We didn’t either and weren’t afraid to Google it: sambal.) Entrees – house-made shredded pork and a “beachside steak” with bacon-tomato jam are two winners – are all priced (initially at least!) under $20 so you will have plenty of funds left for that next Mojito (live it up, you can take Uber at the beach now).

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