Wilmington Beats San Francisco in Best Weather List

Screen shot 2015-07-06 at 1.26.49 PMQuiz time! Which city has better weather year-round, Wilmington or San Francisco?

We’re guessing the popular answer here is San Francisco, but in a puzzling – albeit entertaining – BuzzFeed post by Discover (the credit card company), the First State’s biggest metropolis beat out the city by the bay in a top-10 list.

You read that right—Wilmington came in at No. 7 on the list, with San Francisco at No. 9. Los Angeles came in first.

We’re not sure how Discover concocted this bizarre list of cities (swampy Baton Rouge rounds it out at No. 10), but for Wilmington, it calls summers “fantastic” and claims winters aren’t too brutal.

Wilmington’s great weather, it says, lends itself to “floating down Brandywine Creek, checking out the zoo, and exploring the city’s friendly history.”

The folks at Discover left out a lot of other great things to do in the city, but we’re not convinced they did their homework—or actually visited Wilmington, for that matter. Their link for Wilmington’s “friendly history” goes to a 436-page Penn thesis from 2001 called, “The Evolution of Quaker Meeting Houses in North America 1670-2000.”

They sure missed an opportunity to link to Wilmington’s Quaker Hill Historic Preservation Foundation, a real treasure trove of American history.

Next time, BuzzFeed!

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  • Some years ago we moved from Philadelphia to Marcus Hook for the weather and air, finally someone acknowledges our beautiful climate.