Newark Police Officers' Free Hugs Go Viral

First it was the Taylor-Swift-singing cop in Dover, and now it’s the #HugACop officers in Newark.

If you haven’t seen the latest in Delaware police video sensations, watch above as Newark Police officers Cpl. James Spadola and Ofc. Aaron Olicker walk down Main Street and offer free hugs.

The video, as of Monday afternoon, has been seen more than 6.2 million times, liked by more than 61,800 and shared by more than 135,800 people on the department’s Facebook page.

Spadola said he dreamed up the idea a few months ago after rioting in Ferguson, Mo., was happening. “We were getting horrible publicity nationwide, and I was just thinking of a way to come up with a positive interaction between law enforcement and the people we serve every day,” he said.

After convincing the department to go ahead with the video, he and Olicker filmed it (produced by Tia Hill) Friday.

In the span of a few days, Spadola said he had no idea the video would be so popular. “I thought it would make a neat video— I didn’t think it would get over 6 million views,” he said. “The reaction has been beyond my imagine, without a wildest doubt.”


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