Local Leaders, Amtrak to Work toward Cleaner, More Secure Train Station

Wilmington train commuters have been complaining about dirty bathrooms, garbage pileups and panhandlers, and the Wilmington Business Leaders Network have listened.

In a recent meeting, city leaders and New Castle County Chamber of Commerce members addressed the oft-bemoaned problems.

Bob Chadwick, the Chamber’s executive vice president, said the Wilmington Business Leaders Network is working with Amtrak to ramp up cleaning schedules and increase security rounds around the building.

Local leaders will be checking in on the station weekly until they’re pleased with new results, he said, but he cautioned that budgetary constraints are still being worked through. The station underwent a $37.7 million renovation in 2011.

Making the station more presentable, Chadwick said, is important because it’s many people’s first impression of Wilmington. “It’s the gateway to the city— it’s the thirteenth busiest train station in the country,” he said.

He called the new cleanliness and security changes “mundane” and said he expects Wilmington’s main entryway will soon be a more pleasant place.

“We’ll be watching for improvement and continue to have a dialogue about it,” he said. “Amtrak has been very open and helpful, and hopefully we can get it up to snuff.”

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  • Wilmington Business Leaders? You mean there are actually some? I don’t expect much, I’m still awaiting the come back of our Vaunted River Front.

  • Although it would be welcomed, I’m not optimistic that any improvement would be sustained. I really don’t think Amtrak or it’s employees care. Neither Amtrak or the city pay much attention to the area around the station – in winter it’s treacherous during snowdy conditions and the square in front of the station was a dump until the Riverfront stepped in to clean it up.