Biz Tips: Get Inspired by These Offbeat, Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is predicated on numerous factors, foremost amongst them, creativity. Look into any start-up and you will find a creative mind (or minds) working on molding a concept that is original, unique, and viable. Yet creativity itself is a multifaceted concept. To some, it means thinking beyond the obvious, to others it signifies a knack for generating ideas that no one else has come up with, or at the very least, turned into successful realities.

The entrepreneurial landscape is filled with creative men and women who have broken with the status quo and nurtured business endeavors that appear unconventional on the surface, yet are grounded in creativity, smarts, and sound entrepreneurial fundamentals. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, start with the following three trendsetters:

Jason_SadlerJason Sadler
If anyone can be credited for matching the social media audience with a fashion staple it’s Jason Sadler. His company,, is a brilliantly rudimentary advertising concept that has taken on a life of its own. Sadler’s initial premise was simple: Videotape himself wearing a client company’s logo shirt, then upload it to YouTube and, subsequently posting photos on his proprietary blog and on Flickr, while also tweeting about it on Twitter.

When he started six years ago, Sadler implemented a staggered pricing plan for customers, billing a mere dollar on the first calendar day and increasing his advertising rate another dollar for each subsequent calendar day. By December 31, he was billing a fast $365 to sport a client’s shirt with the full social media accompaniment. Though his rates may seem like proverbial peanuts, bang-for-the-buck visibility quickly added up, and Sadler generated nearly $70,000 in billings his first year.

Tim Ferrissferriss
Defying the adage, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” Ferriss has established himself as a master of various trades, including author, investment advisor, and multimedia entrepreneur. Each of his trio of 4-Hour titles has been a critically acclaimed bestseller, and Ferriss has become an important player in raising capital for fledgling entrepreneurs.

His start came in 2001 when he founded BrainQUICKEN, an online nutritional supplements company. The 24-7 grind motivated him to brainstorm a better way of being self-employed, and provided the basis for his first book, The 4-Hour Workweek. Ferriss has numerous ventures going at a given time, and has earned a reputation for his unconventional thinking on working toward, and attaining, success.

scottginsberg-approachableleaderwebScott Ginsberg
No young entrepreneur has more name recognition that Ginsberg, and for good reason… Ginsberg is the undisputed king of the nametag. By taking an often-overlooked sales & marketing accouterment and making it his personal calling card, Ginsberg has parlayed his HELLO, my name is Scott! identity into a dozen successful books, regular invitations as an in-demand guest speaker, as well as his own niche in various print, audio, and video media.

Ginsberg’s genius lies in his fearless sense of approachability mated to a generic adhesive label, both of which have combined to make him an expert in numerous entrepreneurial fields, while crafting an unforgettable business and social persona. Also worth noting, Ginsberg boasts an incredibly varied roster of clients, showing that his quirky idea for start-up success has garnered mass appeal.


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