Wizard of Oz Sequel Delights Audiences

Dorothy, the Tin Man, Lion, Toto and the lovable Scarecrow are back in a brand new original musical premiering at the Delaware Children’s Theatre. “Welcome Back to Oz,” (through Mar 29) is a clever ‘sequel’ adaptation written by Delaware’s very own Donna Marie Swajeski, and is already entertaining audiences.

In “Welcome Back to Oz” Dorothy heads back to Oz to help munchkin Ojo the Unlucky and her rag doll, The Patchwork Girl, on their magical quest. But there are a few bumps along the yellow brick road in the form of the Wicked Witch of the North and the temper tantrum-throwing Nome King with his band of silly nomes. Don’t miss Dorothy’s exciting new adventure as she rides a rainbow, meets the rare Tottenhots, a group of walking rocks who can play you to death, and finds wonderful new friends in the Emerald City.

With exciting new music and top-notch performances by some of the best adults and children in Delaware, “Welcome Back to Oz,” with music by Chris Orazi, plays every Saturday and Sunday at 2 PM at DCT through March 29. Plus, there’s a special Friday night show at 7:30 pm on March 20 with wine for adults and Munchkin punch for kids. Come dressed as your favorite character! Meet and greet the actors after the performance. And don’t forget to bring your camera! Call 302.655.1014 for tickets or buy online at info@dechildrenstheatre.org.

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