Globetrotter Spins Anti-Bullying Message for DE Kids

Harlem Globetrotter veteran Chris ‘Handles’ Franklin showed off some fancy basketball tricks while dishing up bullying advice to kids at Gallaher Elementary School yesterday in Newark. Franklin had the crowd laughing for much of his performance, as he dribbled up the cafeteria aisle challenging kids and teachers to better his ball-handling skills. Franklin chose key moments to share the ABC’s of anti-bullying — take Action, exhibit Bravery if you see someone being bullied, and show Compassion to friends and classmates. Franklin, who has traveled the globe fore more than eight years with the basketball troupe, said he dreamed of being a Harlem Globetrotter as a kid. “But I knew I had to stay in school and study hard so that good things would come my way,” he told the cheering crowd. The Globetrotters performed later in the evening at the U of D’s Bob.

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