Some Thoughts on the Newsweek Article…

By now, you’ve probably heard about last week’s Newsweek article about Wilmington. I would tend to agree with State Prosecutor Kathleen Jennings when she says, “Delaware needs to hear the truth…” (click here for the full statement).

I also agree with the many people who live, work, and play in Wilmington who accurately point out that while certain neighborhoods are plagued by violence, there are many areas in the city (Downtown, Riverfront, etc.) that are actually safer than some of our suburban neighborhoods.

Here’s just a couple of examples of how my Lovely Bride and I experience Wilmington (by the way, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this email, you’ll see a great video with legendary singer Melba Moore that was filmed in Wilmington just over a week ago)…

First, we have people who like to make the area more colorful – they’re called the “Yarn Bombers Task Force”

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Then there’s the whole Riverfront area, where a family can park their car for free and spend the day exploring:

– The Delaware Children’s Museum
– The Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts
– The DuPont Nature Center
– Stratosphere Trampoline Park
– Penn Cinema (including a great IMAX movie!)
– Many great restaurants
– and enjoy some ice skating:

Wilmington ice skating by Brendan Cooke

and just the other day we saw the opening of yet another great business downtown – come out to 9th and Tatnall to check out Levitea –



By the way, did you know about the growing Maker Community we have here?



and then there’s this – just over a week ago some talented film-makers got together with legendary singer Melba Moore to shoot a video in the heart of Downtown Wilmington:

Melba Moore – “What Can I DoTo Survive” (Official Music Video)

This is the city I experience – I invite Newsweek to come on back and look at this side of the city as well.

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  • A visitor traveling North in the evening on 1-95 who takes any Wilmington exit and makes a right turn will find themselves rapidly becoming uncomfortable. I’m with MS. Jennings on this issue.

  • I think you and many people are missing the point… The article was ABOUT THE GROWING CRIME AND VIOLENCE IN WILMINGTON… Not a review of the city. There are outlets for that… the Newsweek article wasn’t one of them. Maybe national attention will get this city the help it needs. Because if you are a long time resident, which seems to be the case, you’ll know that places like Levitea, while nice, tend to come and go in a matter of months… The crime, unfortunately, seems like it is here to stay. If we don’t scream about this problem from the rooftops, then all the little niceties coming to Wilmington won’t matter, because they won’t be here to stay.