3 Brand Strategy Basics for Start-up Success

You’ve finally realized your dream of being an entrepreneur. You developed a solid business plan, built the foundation for your start-up business, and left the starting gate fully charged and ready for victory. That’s the good news. Now comes the tough part … achieving, and sustaining, success in a challenging marketplace.

There’s no sugarcoating the fact that having one’s own business is a 24/7 commitment, an endeavor that is rife with stress, unforeseen obstacles, and constant re-evaluation of numerous factors. That said, the key to succeeding is simply putting yourself, and your business, in the right places to flourish. There are numerous considerations to keep in mind for reaching that point, but a few are most noteworthy.

Consider this trio of prerequisites as your entrepreneurial cheat sheet, stick to them, and watch them pay dividends.

Exploit Social Media

Like it or not, the wave of social media has crashed down upon us and is now part of everyday commerce. No longer the domain of teenagers and their favorite music groups, social media is the primary mode of communication and marketing in today’s ever-developing business world. Whether your weapon of choice is Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, utilize social media resources to communicate with your customer base, and leverage it based on targeted interests and needs. Depending upon what your product or service is, you may also consider YouTube as a beneficial tool for presenting “How-to” videos for value-added offerings.

Keep It Simple

As clichéd as it may be, the KISS principle still rings true for avoiding clutter and maintaining focus. Your entrepreneurial target should be clear and simple, as should what you, as a business owner, stand for. Keeping things simple has two-fold benefits: Your operational plan will be streamlined, as well as time/cost effective; your customer base will know exactly what your business offers. Starting up is not the time for distractions or spreading yourself too thin. Determine your short and intermediate goals, the direction your business needs to go, and stick to the basics.

Be Real

There may be no more important component of successful entrepreneurial ventures than authenticity. Being authentic to your employees, customers, vendors, and ultimately yourself, is the greatest catalyst for success. The early days of your start-up need to be dedicated to developing a rapport with everyone in your sphere of influence, and authenticity will be the hallmark of your present efforts and future reputation. Once you become known as a real person behind a real organization, you will be on your way to being known as a trusted business partner and boss. Being real is made up of being hands-on, being visible, and being accessible, so work toward developing a personal and professional profile of authenticity from the outset of your start-up.

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