Boss Lady: Alexis Corry, Founder of Lex & Lynne

unnamedBoss Lady is a series by Social Stylate that shares personal insights from creative women in business. Recently, we talked to Alexis Corry, founder of Lex & Lynne. While living in New York City, Lex & Lynne grew organically out of Alexis’s passion for jewelry, travel and design.

Share with our readers how Lex & Lynne got started.
Lex & Lynne began with a lot of nitty gritty work in the Fashion Industry in Manhattan. I moved to NYC after graduating college and began working for a stylist and independent magazine, eventually a couple of designers, and along the way people noticed my jewelry which was simply a hobby and something I’ve always created for myself, friends, family, particularly when they were going on long travels and didn’t want to pack expensive jewelry. The jewelry was all about creating something that was easy to pack, effortless to accessorize, and simple enough to wear every day. As I was working in fashion I began selling to boutiques along the East Coast. Knowing how to photograph models and products, with experience in e-commerce and web design, it was a natural progression to start my own company. I did the this while working for a designer in NYC and as it grew and became my number one priority it was easy for me to walk away from high fashion in the City and focus on myself.

What is your most successful form of marketing? Has it always been?
Our marketing has been pretty simple for the start; utilizing social media sources like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, blogging, etc. Sending out email blasts and what not. Constant updates and details, photographs, behind the scenes of our photo shoots. We keep all of our updates and posts very personal, they are all in the moment; I think our followers really enjoy that sort of thing and it always brings them back to the website.


Can you tell us what the transition has been like now that you are in Pittsburgh with a boutique selling your creations plus some cool vendors?
The idea of this transition was definitely a little intimidating for me at first, but the opportunity happened so that I had zero time to think twice (I literally had two weeks to open the store). As a result interacting with customers on a day to day basis and making unique relationships with them has been so rewarding. Recognizing customers, getting to know them and what they like, meeting people every day, telling them my story and the stories that go along with my products… it’s a beautiful thing. I had never imagined opening a store, period, but the stars aligned for Lex & Lynne and I was thrown in the transition and I can’t believe it wasn’t part of my conscious plan. I’ve had the opportunity to bring all of my favorite designers and artists in to the store, and brands that I really believe in and have had experience with for years. I know a lot of these designers and artists personally which gave me a lot of flexibility in terms of merchandise and timing Lex & Lynne strives to maintain. After working with a stylist in NYC I learned the importance of specific garments and simple style, and we bring that forth in the store and everyone gets it.

Where do you see Lex & Lynne in 5 years?
More locations in different cities, growing our online presence, expanding as a company, and launching our men’s line, while discovering new independent artists that complement and identify with Lex & Lynne.

So our readers don’t know, but you and I have known each other a long time. You are one of the most creative chicks I know and you always inspire me. What inspires you and fuels your creativity?
I’m inspired every day by members of my family, who are either extreme artists or business savvy, and they have all contributed in bringing this idea to life. Without them I could never continue this venture; I would be creatively broke. I’m also very inspired by the women and men I work with, whose art is part of L&L. I have a personal connection to every artist and designer in the store and being introduced to their new ideas and creations is mind boggling and keeps me on my toes. There are in-house artists at L&L who create new artwork on a weekly basis, all of which motivates me to change the look of L&L’s store on a weekly basis: every Thursday of the week we re-merchandise and set up a completely new display and window.

Just for fun…
Favorite place to travel and why:
London: I will forever have a love-affair with this city, my favorite place since I was young. I love the energy, culture, and fast lifestyle that maintains a relaxed and casual attitude. The fashion, history, art, landscape, food, everything about London excites me.

If you could have a dinner party with 5 people, living or dead, who would you invite? What would you serve?
Andy Warhol, Shirley Temple, Leo Tolstoy, electric Bob Dylan (seated farthest from Andy Warhol), and Kate Moss. I would serve a traditional high tea in a lovely garden setting, and I believe the irony would satisfy all my guests.

All-time favorite book:
A Hero of our Time by Mikhail Lermontov; my Russian arts professor introduced it to me when I was in college and I’ve read it every summer since.

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