Kids Get Muddy and Love It!

Frightland looked pretty scary last week as 3,000 kids slid, climbed, sloshed and hurdled their way through a 1 1/2 mile-long obstacle course that was filled with mud! The 4th annual Delaware Mud Run Jr, for kids up to age 13, was challenging, wet and surprising. The obstacle course included the fuselage of an airplane that looked as if it had crashed into the field — even smoke was billowing out from the rear of the aircraft. For that obstacle, kids had to climb under the nose of the plane and then jump through the tires. Mudders never leave perfectly clean. But they were able to hose themselves down and change into clean clothes in single-person tents. Kids had a blast, and most said they planned to “run” again next year. And in the spirit of volunteerism, the race benefitted the Leukemia Research Foundation of Delaware. Kids raised $152,000 this year.

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