Oh, It's Real, All Right!

I cannot for the life of me understand why despite significant scientific evidence – have you seen the documentary film “Chasing Ice”? – certain people persist in denying the fact that our planet’s climate is changing and not for the better. The worst part is that some of these voices are elected officials, so called thought-leaders, who swore an oath to do the people’s business in Washington. Could they have had their fingers crossed?

I mean, we are sorely lacking in meaningful national policy that would establish both short and long term solutions for dealing with the sea level rise lurking around our shorelines – not to mention the potential for super-damaging storm surge that threatens our towns and cities, from sea to shining sea. The adaptation of meaningful national policy would necessitate that Republicans and Democrats actually acknowledge the science then work together for the good of the country. Wow!

Once upon a time, a scant 30 years ago, the parties actually came together to create and pass a piece of landmark legislation designed to protect our nation’s coastal barrier lands – sandy stretches rimming the mainland along the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf Coasts, and later amended to include the Great Lakes and even island territories. Most people aren’t even aware of this straightforward, far-reaching law that protects areas that are home to incredible plant and marine life – lands that will continue to buffer infrastructure from the effects of sea level rise.

The Coastal Barrier Resources Act (COBRA) was co-authored by former Representative Tom Evans (R) Delaware and signed by none other than Ronald Reagan, a really BIG Republican. Like the late Russ Peterson, Tom in his post-elected life has become a full-time advocate for protecting and sustaining our environment. You see it now seems that there are powerful interests trying to chip away at protected coastal areas in order to release lands now protected by COBRA for development – and LOTS of costly Federal subsidies.

This is high drama, friends, and the kind of story we need to tell and re-tell, because once these lands are developed, they’re gone – until, that is, a Super Storm washes away the development and “we the people” get to subsidize the developers. So we’re researching, interviewing, scripting, shooting and editing-away on this story! Check out our work-in-progress at TELEDUCTION.com. Oh and even if you’re not into hugging trees, you might want to learn how to climb one while the climate change deniers in Washington persist in stalling any meaningful dialogue that could evolve into the adaptation of meaningful policy…just sayin’.

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  • Add me to the list of non-believers Sharon. When you look back at various methods of determining climate, including tree rings you see similar occurrences. Too much pollution – yes, Clean Air -Clean Water,let’s do it. Worship Al Gore and John Edwards, go it alone. You can’t even define climate change, or perhaps maybe you can, just another vague liberal cause, cute to say “I Was There”. What happened to Darfur?