Friends Toast Twin Lakes!

Twin Lakes Brewery celebrated their 8th birthday last week just up the street from their historic property at Buckley’s Tavern, a restaurant itself steeped in Delaware history. Since Sam Hobbs and Matt Day poured their first mug of beer for friends back in 2006, Twin Lakes ales and lagers have become quite a beer sensation in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, DC. And the canned beer they now sell now means locals don’t have to trek to Twin Lakes Farm for grower refills. Delaware non-profits have been enthusiastic about the local brewery, as many have enjoyed hosting successful events at Twin Lakes Farm in Greenville.  Last year, events held at Twin Lakes generated at least $75,000 for the Red Shoe and Brew for the Ronald McDonald House and the Wilmington Burger Battle for the Ministry of Caring. Hats off to Delaware’s fresh-local-delicious brew!

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