Nova Nation Supports Sanfilippo Disorder

Wilmington residents Jen and Carl Kapes joined forces with the Villanova Men’s basketball team and Team Sanfilippo last month to help raise awareness for the Sanfilippo disease, which affects both of the Kapes’ young boys. Nova Nation-Sanfilippo Syndrome Awareness t-shirts were given to all students at the Jan 20th game at the Wells Fargo Center, and Ryan and Brayden Kapes were the center of attention during the half-time presentation, which included a short video about the disease. Carl Kapes, Villanova ’97 and a Wildcat Varsity baseball player, also climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with a local Dj in an effort to help raise awareness about the fatal genetic disorder. “I have become a father on a mission in desperate need for help to save my children’s lives,” remarked Kapes.

Salesianum graduate Glenn O’Neill’s daughter Eliza that has been diagnosed with Sanfilippo Disease. Several Wilmington families have banded together to support their fundraising efforts and that of the parent-run Team Sanfilippo Foundation. For more information, visit the Foundation’s website or their Facebook page.

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