Wellness Wednesday: Improve Your Posture

Teaching yoga and being pregnant, I have become more aware of my posture… And others’ as well. It’s something so simple, who thinks about it? I mean, you’ve learned to stand and walk since you were a baby. But even after all these years, it’s possible to learn new techniques and ways to improve your posture. Though it may seem unnatural at first, the benefits of improving your standing or walking posture are better body function/efficiency and fewer aches/pains… I think it’s worth altering your stride a little, what about you?

220px-CGI_Human_WalkHere are some helpful tips:

Keep your chin up. Your head should be upright and your chin parallel to the ground. Look forward (about 10-20 feet ahead). When you must look down, use your eyes, not your neck.

Stand up straight. The advice you heard as a youngster still rings true: Don’t slouch. When you’re properly aligned, you could draw a straight line from ear to ankle with your neck and back also straight, yet relaxed… Relax your shoulders, too(down and away from ears).

“Let me see your footwork.” Hit the ground with your heel and push off with your toes. Avoid over-striding by taking shorter steps and a steady pace.

Don’t flail. Keep your arms near your body at waist level and bent 90 degrees (this goes for running too); the forward swing of one arm should match the forward swing of the opposite leg. Have your fingers naturally curled, but not clenched.

Lighten and balance your load. If you are carrying a bag, or pulling a suitcase… Remember to keep your body balanced. And don’t over stuff whatever you are carrying.  Most of the time you don’t need “everything” in your bag anyway.

Here’s some food for thought from Morihei Ueshiba, “A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.”

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