Boss Lady: Eryn Erickson, So Worth Loving

Boss Lady is a series from Social Stylate that shares personal insights from creative women in business. Recently, we talked to Eryn Erickson, founder of So Worth Loving, a clothing brand empowering others with a simple message to pursue their dreams. It started out with stencils and spray paint, but today So Worth Loving has developed into an entire collection of T-shirts with inspiring messages and a dedicated following encouraging and uplifting others. 


Tell us a little about yourself.
I am the creator of So Worth Loving, a lifestyle clothing brand that exists to promote self-worth and love through fashion. I was an art director for a non-profit in Atlanta while pursuing my music career and then SWL was born out of an inspirational blog. I grew up in the north Georgia mountains, I attended an all-girls school, I did not go to college, and I love to learn more about people and how they operate. You will find me asking my team members to take these two quizzes – this one & this one.

Books that are currently on my shelf: Making Ideas Happen, Rework, More or Less, Starting Something That Matters, Predictable Success, Safe People, Boundaries, Good To Great

What prompted you to start So Worth Loving? Where do you see the business in 5 years? 
As a recording artist, I have always had the desire to empower people by reminding them to love themselves and pursue their dreams. So when I dreamed up my first “band shirt,” I played with the phrase, “So Worth Loving,” for a while by screen-printing on my own shirts. That then grew into screen-printing my friends shirts which then grew into me screen-printing their friends shirts. So, I realized that I could probably do this for random people I don’t know to simply spread love everywhere. I started a blog, spread the idea, and sure enough, I had girls from all over the world sending me their personal shirt for me to screen print. When it wasn’t just my friends supporting me, but girls that needed to hear this and believe in it, that was the turning point. That was when I knew I needed to start an official So Worth Loving brand. In my mind, So Worth Loving has become a community of soft hearts, broken spirits, stubborn, and vulnerable people like me who love fashion at the same time, and want their style to make a difference. This whole journey has been completely unpredictable and so to predict the next 5 years would be really hard to do but my hope is to see it continue to grow into a well known brand that is making a difference worldwide.

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What is your most successful form of marketing?
Instagram. We had 300 Instagram followers last August and now having 6000 this year is insane to me. Instagram is the best place for our demographic to spread the word about us! One person wears our product and 500 + people have the ability to see it, relate to it, and follow us!

What inspires you and fuels your creativity?
Surrounding myself with people who think different than me and investing into a hobby. I started to find that because I love my job and love what I do – I wasn’t separating work from my personal life which left me feeling drained and burnt out. My new hobby is candle making and it is the easiest therapeutic thing I do!

soworthlovingWhat advice do you have for those looking to start their own business?
One piece of advice my mom gave me when she started her furniture company with my dad, she said, “Don’t look at finances when you are trying to dream.” and I truly believe this. While numbers are great to look at it, they will make you feel like anything you want to do is not possible.


So I would:

– Write down all your aspirations for what you want to do
– Define your company
– Who are your competitors
– What makes you different
– Who around you can mentor you
– Where is a realistic place to start
– Make goals and a rough timeline

– What can you do tomorrow that will get you closer to your goal

Also buy this book and dive in to it with tea and a cozy blanket.

Just for fun…
What are three things on your lifelong bucket list?

*Sky Dive (scared of heights)
*Build a cabin with my husband on a lake with no electricity that is bare and minimal. A safe haven to get away from technology and relax
*Back pack through Sweden

How would you describe your personal style in one sentence?
I would say my style is edgy, bubbly, and a true representation of who I am as a person.

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