Two Sisters: New Tween & Teen Boutique (In Greenville!)

This weekend, Kara Hebert will be officially opening the doors to her new tween & teen clothing boutique, Two Sisters in Powder Mill Square in Greenville, DE. Kara kindly showed me around her new space to get a sneak peek at her gorgeous shop. Kara and her interior designer/photographer sister, Penny Ashford, designed the store together. They did a beautiful job combining a creative and playful mix of Quadrille and China Seas fabrics and wallpapers, combined with furnishings and lighting from Ikea. Kara also incorporated custom-made accessories and Moroccan poufs by John Robshaw into the mix, which add great texture to the space. Two Sisters‘ fun, colorful interiors will certainly draw any mother and daughter in to shop around. Kara has selected many fun & unique clothing and accessory lines that will be sure to suit any young girl’s budding style!


Q&A with Kara Hebert, Owner of Two Sisters:

How did you come up with the idea to start a teen/tween shop?
When we moved to Wilmington several years ago, I started volunteering as an assistant coach with Girls on the Run, initially because I love running and wanted a few hours to do something by myself each week! That was my first introduction to tween girls (GOTR is for girls in 3rd and 4th grades) and I just fell in love with that age group. I think the tween/teen age is a really important one; it’s when girls start becoming independent, but they still need guidance from their parents and other trusted adults. After coaching and spending time with these incredible girls, I knew I wanted to focus on this age group somehow.

When looking around Wilmington, I noticed we didn’t have a store that focused exclusively on the teen/tween market (considered sizes 7-16 or for most 1st – 8th graders). The only shopping alternatives were online stores and the local malls, which don’t have a wide selection of appropriate clothes for teen/tweens. I feel that a lot of styles out there right now are too mature for young girls’ figures, and don’t send the right message or fit them correctly. As an alternative, my hope is to provide a tween store that offers fun, trendy clothes that the girls love but appropriate, affordable and well-made clothes that their moms can get excited about too. Our mission is for every girl who walks into our store finds something that makes her feel confident and beautiful about herself. Sometimes it can be difficult to shop with your tween, and by providing fun yet appropriate styles, my hope is to make it a fun, bonding experience for mothers and daughters!

I’ve always loved retail and have a background in retail finance (I worked in corporate finance at The Gap and as a consumer M&A investment banker at Bank of America). I thought opening a teen/tween store would be perfect blend of my passion for retail and my excitement for that tween/teen age group. When the space in Powder Mill Square became available next to Peter Kate, it just seemed like perfect timing!

Where does the name Two Sisters come from?
The store name was inspired by my two daughters, Lilly, 5 and Margot, 3. I also have 2 sisters of my own; one lives in San Francisco and the other lives right here in Wilmington and we are incredibly close friends.

Since I love having sisters and really love watching the amazing sisterly bond that’s developing between my 2 little girls, I thought it would be a fun idea to celebrate that special relationship by naming the store Two Sisters!


For the full interview, click here to visit the Dilwyne Designs blog…

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