5 Great Gifts for Job Seekers

With more than 15 million Americans out of work, it’s likely you have a job seeker or two on your gift list. The job search process can be very expensive, so this holiday season, help ease the financial stress and give the gift of a brighter future with these great items for job seekers.


1. Dry Cleaning or Salon Gift Certificate ($15 – $50)
Help the job seeker in your life look their best for interviews by gifting a salon or dry cleaning certificate. A shave and a haircut are a must to look fresh and groomed for interviews. And with all the networking they will be doing, they will need to keep their business outfit clean and pressed at all times.

2. Job Search Guide Book ($15.99)
While on a journey, it’s useful to have a guide. For your job seeker’s journey to employment, Your Job Search GPS: Navigate to Your Career Destination in 10 Steps is an indispensable, and affordable, resource. Loaded with 21st century job search strategies, tactics, tips and tools, the book follows a 10-step program proven to jump-start the job search process and enhance results. You can get the book at www.YourJobSearchGPS.com

3. Job Seeker Starter Kit ($50)
Instead of a fruit basket this holiday season, put together a basket of job seeker goodies: pens, pencils, date planner, résumé paper, thank you cards, business card stock, and other office supplies, decoratively arranged in a basket or desk organizer. It’s a fun, creative gift that will help your job seeker get organized.

4. Briefcase / Laptop Bag ($40 – $150)
Fabric or leather, vintage or modern, a sleek, sophisticated briefcase or laptop bag is an essential part of the interview wardrobe. To figure out which style of bag to purchase, go by the job seeker’s intended occupation—for prospective accountants, go with a classic latch-and-lock briefcase. For the engineer or teacher, a briefcase with pockets for instruments and pencils would be more appropriate. If you decide to get a laptop bag, secretly get the dimensions of your giftee’s laptop to make sure it will fit.

5. Training / Certification Class ($100 and up)
With more candidates than open positions in the job market, hiring managers have the luxury of being choosey, and will only hire candidates with the best skills sets. Give the job seeker in your life a leg up on the competition by covering the cost of a training or certification course in his/her respective field and help boost their marketability to employers.


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About the Contributor

Pat Troy Brooks

Pat Troy Brooks

Pat Troy-Brooks is an employment and workforce expert with over 28 years experience empowering tens of thousands of people going through career transition on how to re-invent themselves and move into rewarding careers. Pat’s soon to be released book, “Your Job Search GPS, Navigate to your career destination in 10 steps” will teach job seekers how to navigate through the maze of the 21st Century job market.

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